Shadow Realm Mission - Sacrificial Offering

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Shadow Realm Mission - Sacrificial Offering

Post  Aoi on Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:38 pm

In this mission, you have to land the corpses of the monsters within the seal to weaken it.
After being weakened 3 times, the boss will appear.

--Sacrificial Offering (Highest Difficulty)--
Location - Taillteann Town Square (Shadow Realm)
Player Limit - 1~4 Players
Time Limit - 40 Minutes
Reward Exp - 90000
Reward Gold - 0
Box Reward - one of the following:
- Swordsman Glove for Women (of Joy)
- Swordsman Glove for Men (of Thief)
- (Moist) Cylinder /(of Lifesaver)
- Dagger (Bloody)/(of Life)
- (Fox)/(Fox Hunter) Short Sword
- (Fox) Short Bow
- Battle Short Sword (Grade S+)
- Battle Sword (of Spike)
- (Stiff) Cores Knob Hat
- Novice Alchemy Shoes (of Fragment)/(of Zephyr)
- Novice Alchemy Suit (of Scholar)
- (Deep) Plate Canon
- (Delicate) Starry Wizard Hat
- (Difficult) Enchant Scroll
- Shiny Gothic Frill Dress
- Alchemy Crystals
Etc - Boss drops (Shadow Hunter) Fire Wand, Handicraft Kit (of Wizard)

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