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New Rebirth System

Post  Aoi on Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:45 pm

Renewed Rebirth System

We are very happy to announce a renewed Mabinogi rebirth system, with the update, Mabinogi: Pioneers of Iria.

The previous rebirth system required players to purchase either a Basic or Premium Character Card in order to rebirth characters. However from here on out, players will not be required to purchase character cards to go through this process.

In order to go through the free rebirth process, characters will need to meet one requirement. The character must be at least 20 years of age or older.

When a character meets the criteria above, they will be able to rebirth for free through the Character Information window in-game or by clicking the rebirth button on the character selection screen after selecting the character of their choice.

Unlike paid rebirth with Character Cards, players who rebirth using the Free Rebirth System will not be able to change their appearances, gender, or choose to start at tutorial zone and get a random fixed dye ampoule through NPCs. Once they complete the rebirth process they will be transported to the last location their character was at.

Basic and Premium Character Cards will still be available in the premium shop for those who wish to purchase them. They will function the same as before, and will allow players to change their appearance, age, reset levels, and gender. Premium Character Cards will give added options to change looks, while Basic Character Cards will be limited to the standard appearance options. However the time in between which players can rebirth will be shortened from three weeks to one week.

We will also be introducing free Nao's Support Service and Extra Storage Service to all accounts with characters which are under overall level 30. If any of the characters within an account is higher than overall level 30, the account will not be eligible for free Nao Support and Extra Storage Services. Remember once any character in your account goes over level 30 the services will expire and all the benefits that came with the service will disappear.

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