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R&R v.04

Post  Jayo on Tue Dec 23, 2008 2:26 am

Effective Date: 12.23.08

NOTICE: New rules implemented have been written in BOLD and will revert back when new rules or content is edited.

Intro :

Created by the love and care of its original members Brotherhood is a symbol of trust and partnership through combat as well as fantasy life. Many of the members that will be seeing this post know that the rules and regulations are not only created to prevent but to also enforce stability and peace within the guild. We are not here against our will, we are here simply to have fun. To grow and prosper with people we call friends and who we trust and find security within. Please find comfort in knowing all members will be following these rules from now on. We will be trying our best to maintain order and to create a safe and fun environment. But we need the support of all our guild members. Participation is largely accepted and is considered a contribution.

As for now Guild Regulations shall be Edited soon: 12/23/08

Please abide by the following as more will be posted later on.

Acceptance and Entry:

I: By joining Brotherhood you are to carry yourself with significance. Participation is necessary, as well as chatting in guild. If a participating guild member is not participating in events or chatting in guild said member will be notified of non-guild participation. It is a offense to not chat to other guild members. Joining a guild means all of who inhabit the guild are your allies.

II: By joining Brotherhood you are to respect other players and to aide Brotherhood members in their time of need. This does not, however include paying fees (which include paying punishment fees) or of anything else that is including in property( i.e dyes,selling of an equipment etc). The guild will not refund or is by any means responsible for loss but some members out of generosity may help. It is entirely up to the members.

III: By joining the Brotherhood it is known that you are to be active. Activity also requires that you assemble when guild meetings are established and guild events are held. If vacation (which includes of exiting the guild) is required it should be known to the guild leader or posted in the forums under Announcements.

IV: A spam clock will be active (12/23/08 ) it is to ensure that the guild chat is used properly and no members are to interrupt the fighting of other members. Spam will be allowed from 11 pm PST- 7 am PST on weekdays (excluding Friday) and 12 pm PST - 7 am PST on weekends (including Friday). An additional hour has been added on since most important dungeons (Scenario) are done on weekends and Friday.

Please note: Random Spam contests ONLY approved by the guild leader and co officer will be allowed. Prizes may or may not be included.

V: In Brotherhood adversaries are not approved. Rivals are fundamental but adversaries within the group are unacceptable. Therefore, no arguments (in exclusion for the occasional debate) are allowed. Alby Battle Arena is the place to sort out fights if you cannot handle them in a mature manner. Please refer to VI if the problem is out of control/ unmanageable.

VI: All problems that can or cannot be fixed must be addressed to the guild leader and co-officer. They will be in charge of handling matters if they have become severe and may be allowed to resort to suspension or expulsion. If rule V has failed please refer to rule VI and contact Leader or Officer(s)in game or forum immediately.

VII: (2.16.09) As our Guild has grown, an accepting system has been installed.

- TWO(2) Referrals are required to enter the guild.
- The invitee (said member who has invited the person to enter guild) may not be allowed to invite people unless given approval by senior members or higher. You must be inside the guild for ONE (1) week before being able to invite other people into the guild. This is to prevent a mass of people joining making an uncomfortable setting for our seniors.
- If the outside party has been invited by someone that has/ or has partaken in inviting people before, they may not use their [referral]vote for a week. This is to prevent a mass of people joining from solely the referral of two other players.
- If you have referred a member into the guild you are taking sole responsibility of their behavior until seniors and other members have found comfort with said player. If the player leaves unexpectedly, a notice will be addressed to you and you may not be able to refer or invite someone else into the guild for ONE(1) week.

Leaving Guild/ Rejoining Guild Punishment:

Although it is a sad fate, members may choose to find a better place for them to suit their needs. Some may return but not without a punishment for leaving in the first place.As of effective date (9.15.09) The Leaving Guild/ Rejoining Guild Punishment has been updated. This is not to be taken lightly.

Rejoining the Guild ONCE WITH GUILD NOTIFICATION: Guild will be allowing you back if you pay the fee of 250k upon agreement of the current members. Payment in check will be given to the guild leader and be promptly donated to guild stone.

Rejoining the Guild ONCE WITHOUT GUILD NOTIFICATION: Guild will only allow if you pay 300k and upon agreement of current members. Upon LEAVE ALL alternate accounts will be REMOVED from the guild for your FULL experience without the Brotherhood guild.

Rejoining the Guild TWICE WITH GUILD NOTIFICATION: Guild will be allowing entry back if you are the pay the fee of 500k and upon agreeing of all the members. Alts will not be allowed back, unless told so otherwise.

Rejoining the Guild TWICE WITHOUT GUILD NOTIFICATION: Guild will be allowing entry back if you are to pay the fee of ONE MILLION gold, and upon agreeing of all the members. Alts will not be permitted back.

Rejoining the Guild THREE TIMES WITH/OUT GUILD NOTIFICATION: Entry will not be allowed back unless told so otherwise.

Notification is prompted in guild chat and is given a response.
Notification is NOTED and sent to guild leader. Guild chat will be prompted.

Punishment of Abuse :

Strikes will be at limit of five per person. Only if the voting of Leader and Officer(s) shall there be strikes removed. Officers and Leader are not an exception to this rule however their strikes are much higher to that of 30 compared to the regular limit of 5 and the Sr. Member Limit of 10.This rule may be changed in the future .(12/23/08 )

Rank 3: Guild Leader and/or Officer(s) have told the member in question that his or her activity is not approved and is given a strike. 1k must be deposited to guild stone.

Rank 2: Leader and/or Officer(s) have seen no improvement of the members behavior. Leaver and/or Officers have tried and failed to improve the situation. Leader and/or Officers have noticed the behavior of the member is influencing other member(s) in a negative way. And is given two strikes along with a chance to redeem their strikes(2) by improving affected member(s) with a heartfelt apology. If apology is not accepted the strikes(2) will not be redeemed. 5k must be deposited to guild stone.

Rank 1: The Leader and/or Officers have voted the member out of the Brotherhood. Leader and/or Officers have accepted the fact that they cannot help within the situation and have no choice but to expel said member. Rejoining guild must be started at rank 2 of Leaving Guild. If member is to rejoin the strikes will still be held against them. However, with each week of constant positive behavior strikes will be removed until given a clean slate.


I: In Guild Brotherhood you agree to become the best person you can be and have chosen to stay because you are not forced but you enjoy the company of members.

II: In Guild Brotherhood, no one is allowed to harass another player or make them feel they are in ANYWAY in danger.

III: Players must cease when they are asked to stop. If they are consistent in their negative behavior ranking strikes will be implemented upon them.

IV: Personal grudges are not the responsibility of the guild members. Even when numbers are not in favor of the members, the guild name is not to be tarnished.

Ichigokun: This isn't the hood.

V: Although as of (2.16.09) foul language is now fine, it is suggested it does not get out of control. It is preferred that there is no direction of it towards other members for that it is considered harassment.

As for now please take these rules seriously. Mandatory rules such as bad behavior will be enforced in game.The Rules of Brotherhood are not hard to guide by. Some members have been doing them since entered. As for now Brotherhood faithful and hopefuls, it's always a pleasure to game by your side.

Side Note: Jayo and only Jayo may be able to reduce penalties and restrictions. This includes but is not limited to Rank1 Punishments and Penalties given that the case is not severe or expected of the player.

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