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suggestion 2

Post  XDemon on Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:09 pm

so i heard that we got an abysmal~!!! w00t! w00t! gratz and props to everyone who worked at it!

but i heard that only people who helped fish gets to use it o,o
i think that thats kidna unfair, but i can see where ur coming from.
i honestly would have helped fish if i wasnt so busy with life... i only go on weekends for now Mad

so my suggestion is to have an offical sign out topic
as we collect for items for the guild to use, it might get a bit complicated to keep track of everything. by having a sign out topic, we can kno who has what items and for how long. we can also set orders for signing out items, etc. things would just be more orginized (:
now this is just an idea. we can expand upon this and set up some rules about signing items out. i just think that eventually we should make such a topic so that life will become a bit easier (:


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