Rub Dat' Pole........ *rub rub rub*

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Rub Dat' Pole........ *rub rub rub*

Post  Aoi on Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:23 am

1 in 64 chance encounters in the japanese horror/disturbia (so strange i cant really describe it) game Yume-nikki or translated to "Dream Diary" I highly reccomend playing this game, with volume all the way up and lights off, i might be posting a link later to an english version of it.

this UBOA one will take i found a vid that is entertaining while the guy tries to get the event to happen. can skip halfway and watch..x.x

black and white world/ 5 armed monoko/ midgit power/ dont touch girls/ porno twisty neck pictures/ getting eaten/ schizophrenia blob.

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