Quest for Arrow Revolver~!

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Quest for Arrow Revolver~!

Post  XDemon on Thu Aug 27, 2009 5:13 pm

Hey guys Very Happy
So basically i've decided to go on a quest to get Arrow Revolver...
Its gunna be pretty hard so I would highly appreciate it if you guys could help me out a little!
I'll keep progress of which pages i have

Page 1 [x]
Page 2 [x]
Page 3 [x]
Page 4 [x]
Page 5 [x]
Page 6 [x]
Page 7 [x]
Page 8 [x] (the biggie o3o)
Page 9 [x]
Page 10 [x]

Thanks a bunch~!!! <3

UPDATE(9/23/09): eh im halfway done. im kinda stuck on ar6 i cant find people who are selling o,o
thanks so much to everyone who has helped me so far :3
UPDATE (9/27/09): w00t lol friend mailed me an ar6. im drawing ever so close to ar8... thanks so much for the support ^^
UPDATE (9/28/09): ZOMG ITS TEH AR8 :<!!!!! Its gunna be one hell of a journey to find ar8 so plz help~ :3
UPDATE (10/24/09): ZOMG I BOUGHT AR8 AND AR9 ON THE SAME DAY.... I HAVE A HOLE IN MY WALLET BUT IM STILL KINDA HAPPY (: just need ar10 now and i get ar whooo!
FINAL UPDATE (10/26/09): YEAHHH I FINISHED AR! w00t! thanks for all your support (:


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