Holiday Events- End of the Year Celebration!

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Holiday Events- End of the Year Celebration!

Post  Jayo on Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:57 pm

To commemorate the end of another year of fail from Nexon, they're hosting a few events so let's all be good and just hope next year is better! (We wish)


Santas are needing your help to save Christmas! Be on the lookout for them as they promise to give you treats after obeying them and being their errand boy(or girl).

Red Santa(Tir)- Collect 5 Wishlists from the fishing Areas of Tir Chonaill.

Blue Santa(Dunbarton)- Collect 1 Thick Yarn Ball and 1 Common Fabric and deliver them to Santa's Helper (Blue). She will give you the Toy Sack to give to Santa.

Green Santa(Emain Macha)- Collect 1 Holiday Candle from Coill Dungeon from Invisible Imps. It is strongly recommended that participants go into Coill in parties as to clear the path to the designated monster and to reduce aggression.

Pink Santa- Retrieve 1 Golden Bell from any monster and return it to Pink Santa.

Yellow Santa- Chop 10 Firewood from the trees and deliver them to Santa Helper (Yellow). In return you will be rewarded Santa's Sleigh which you must hand in to receive the final stocking and envelope.

Warning: After all quests, Socks and Envelops must be handed in to the corresponding Santas (Yellow, Blue) to obtain Bell (of specific random tone) and either Fireworks(10 tradable [Including others of either Nao,Ice, or DevCAT])


Use the Mailbox at the beginning of Each Major town and send a letter to the GMs: iceglitter,Boogeyman, or LAMBCOOK including your christmas wish.


Fortune-teller of Mabinogi will be visiting the library. Access her through the Dunbarton Library (no pass required).

1/1/09 (PST..)

GMs will be lighting fireworks on display at 12:00 AM PST.

1/6 - 1/21

Spell M-A-B-I-N-O-G-I with letter coupons and exchange them for certificates, only the diligent will be able to receive the fabulous prizes. Purchase collection books at Dunbarton Weapons Shop or Simon's Clothing Shop! Remember to press the tabs.

Good luck to everyone! I hope everyone gets something good!

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